Compatible with life: the joy of John Paul Hauser

What does it mean for a baby to be “incompatible with life?”

Even before a baby is born, doctors are doing tests, reviewing ultrasounds, and monitoring the mother closely for unexpected results or problems. If the unborn baby has too serious a condition, parents might be told by doctors that their baby is “incompatible with life.” That’s to say, it’s not expected to live long, if at all, and parents can face a choice of life or death for this person they’ve not yet met.

After doctors identified Trisomy 13 in John Paul Hauser, his parents were coached to consider having an abortion. Despite having this major genetic corruption, and a life that might last for minutes if at all, John Paul’s parents chose to give him that life.

And live he did.

“He just could love so unconditionally. He was never disappointed in you, and he was never angry at you. You were just always good enough the way you were and it was just the kind of love that we the rest of us aren’t capable of giving. He could just give that in his perfect little imperfect state.”

Tami Hauser about her son, John Paul Hauser

John Paul Hauser lived to the age of 12—a much-too-short life for most, but a miraculously long life for someone who had his condition. In today’s episode, we learn how John Paul’s love transformed his family and those around him, and what lessons we can take from his time on earth.

“And that’s how I think of him in Heaven: I just think of him as answering all of our prayers and just with a big delightful smile on his face, like I know that he’s up there just with that same big glorious smile being happy to serve, you know because he was served.”

Barb Baxter about her godson, John Paul Hauser

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